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This content of the ‘Research’ section of www.kbrl.co.uk (‘Research Content’) has been prepared for information purposes only and may not have been independently verified. No Research Content constitutes a solicitation to subscribe for; or a recommendation to buy or sell; or an offer of securities. No Research Content (unless it is expressly stated in the Research Content itself to the contrary) has been approved by KBR as a financial promotion in accordance with section 21(2)(b) of the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (as amended).

Research Content should not be accessed by or copies thereof sent to any person resident in or a citizen of countries outside the European Economic Area; in particular, it may not be sent to residents or citizens of Australia, Canada, Japan, the Republic of South Africa or the United States of America. If you are resident in such a jurisdiction or it would for any other reason be unlawful for you to receive Research Content, it is not directed at you.

Research Content is based on information KBR considers to be reliable. Neither KBR nor its directors, however, are able to undertake, represent or warrant the completeness, accuracy or fairness of such information; nor do they accept any liability to update the information contained in Research Content, which is subject to change without notice.

Certain information in Research Content consists of forward-looking statements. ‘Forward-looking statements’ are characterised by expressions such as, ‘may’, ‘shall’, ‘intend’, ‘expect’, ‘anticipate’, ‘estimate’, ‘project’, ‘aim’, ‘target’; and by derivatives, analogues or synonyms of these expressions. The forward-looking statements in Research Content have been made on the basis of assumptions and/or expectations which KBR believed at the time of publication to be reasonable but for which KBR does not accept liability. There is no obligation to release any revisions to such forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of publication.

Research Content does not constitute, and may not be construed as, investment advice. It has been prepared without regard to the individual circumstances and financial objectives of persons who may read it. If a reader is in any doubt as to whether they are eligible to receive Research Content or as to the action which they should take or refrain from taking in respect of any such Research Content, they are urged to consult a financial adviser regulated by the FCA or by an equivalent, overseas financial regulator to give investment advice.

Neither KBR nor its directors accept any liability for loss – however arising – from any use of Research Content; or otherwise arising in connection with the use of this website; except to the extent that such liability may, by law, not be excluded.

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (‘MiFID II’)

Research Content on certain companies published from time to time on www.kbrl.co.uk is not investment research of a character for which, under MiFID II, KBR would be obliged to charge fund managers or other institutional users. Accordingly, it does not seek any payment from readers of the Research Content but is remunerated by the companies the subject of the Research Content.

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